In each geographical area where we operate, we have – or will have – an area leader.

The area leader manages the recruitment of in-school volunteers and their placement with local schools. This includes liaising with local organisations which can help to source new volunteers.  The area leader also provides logistical support to the community of volunteers in the area, for example organising social events.

We hugely appreciate our area leaders.  They are also volunteering their time and we recognise how much they contribute to the running and development of the charity.

If you are passionate about helping to improve children’s chances in education and if you think you’d enjoy the combination of meeting people and coordinating logistics, you could be an area leader for Number Sense.  Please see below for the FAQs for volunteer leaders and contact us for a discussion.


What skills do I need to be an area leader?

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are essential. You will need to be both enthusiastic and methodical.   Experience of being a volunteer in a primary school would be very helpful, for example with Number Sense or with one of the reading charities.

How much time do I need to give as an area leader?

The overall time commitment is flexible and can generally be adapted to whatever works best for you.  Much of the role can be done at times to suit you.

Typically, area leaders will give ten to twenty hours a month, although this will be spread irregularly over each month and over the year.  The larger the area you choose to cover, the more in-school volunteers you’ll be helping to recruit, so the greater the time commitment.

Do you pay expenses?

We will pay reasonable travel and other expenses.  We encourage all our volunteers to use public transport, but we will pay car mileage and even parking costs if there is no reasonable alternative.  We require evidence of expenditure, but there are circumstances where we can accept a log book rather than receipts.

What support and training will I get?

One of our trustees or another experienced area leader will guide you through the initial process and will invite you to shadow them. You will also attend training sessions for our in-school volunteers so that you understand what we are providing to schools.

We will connect you with area leaders in other areas.

We will also introduce you to local volunteer mentors to share knowledge of schools and in-school volunteers. (Our mentors are experienced teachers who support our in-school volunteers as needed on educational issues.  The mentors are also volunteers – for further details, please see our Mentors page.  When you are more experienced, you may wish to help recruit mentors.)

How would I help to recruit in-school volunteers?

You would manage the recruitment process once a potential in-school volunteer has contacted Number Sense.  This includes an initial phone call with the prospective volunteer, then meeting them for an informal interview in a local café.  If they are suitable, you would get appropriate documentation and references and allocate them to one of our local partner schools.

You would attend training sessions and introduce the volunteers to one another, helping to create a sense of community among the volunteers. For further details, please see our In-school volunteers page.

You would also manage relationships with organisations in your area which can help find new in-school volunteers.

Would I visit schools?

You will certainly liaise with the School Office in each school in your area to establish a good relationship and to resolve any issues. As part of your own training you will visit some schools to build your understanding of how they operate, and you will probably choose to visit each of our partner schools in your area over time.

As you become experienced in your role, you may also wish to be involved in recruiting partner schools.

For further details about our partner schools, please visit our Schools page.

Can I be an area leader if I will be away during term time?

We appreciate that you are a volunteer and that you have your own commitments. The area leader role is not specifically tied to term time, although there will be occasional issues to resolve.  So taking breaks during term time will not be an issue.  However, we would ask you to advise us of any unavailability and we will supply an alternative contact at Number Sense for you to pass on to your schools and volunteers.

Will I be the only contact between the schools and the in-school volunteers?

Area leaders liaise with the School Office in our partner schools, while mentors typically liaise with the Head of Maths (or similar). For further details about our mentors, please visit our Mentors page.

Why are you currently working only in London?

An organisation with a strong physical presence requires people on the ground in each area where we operate.  This includes in-school volunteers, mentors, and area leaders.  Our strategy is therefore to focus on London while we grow to a suitable scale, after which we can open up in new areas, building a local support structure in each.