Educational Trusts

We are approaching educational trusts to obtain funding for the initial stages of growing the charity beyond the pilot. This is to cover the basics of setting up an organisation capable of managing volunteers in a few dozen schools.

Corporate Partners

We are also seeking medium and long-term partnerships with organisations that are interested in supporting our mission of improving maths learning through targeted interventions. Our aspiration is to work with children not just in London but in hundreds of schools across the UK.

If you are interested in partnering, we can provide full information on our plans and activities, and we can explore how to structure a relationship which will enable you to optimise your requirements. We can also offer various ways in which we can publicly recognise a partner’s contribution.

We believe that an association with our vision of improving maths learning could be strongly brand-enhancing, especially for businesses in financial, science, or engineering-based sectors.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of supporting Number Sense, please contact us.

Individual Donors

We also welcome donations from individuals. You can donate by bank transfer to:
Account name:  Number Sense
Sort Code:  20-76-90
Account:  80426717

If you are a UK taxpayer, you should be able to add Gift Aid to your donation. This will result in the charity receiving an extra 25% from HMRC at no cost to you. You can download a Gift Aid form here

We can recognise individual large donations if you require; please contact us to discuss this.

We are also establishing a Just Giving page. When this is set up we will add a link here.