Number Sense is a charity that supports maths learning in primary schools.

What is the need?

Many children fall behind in maths, find it difficult to catch up, and then develop a dislike of the subject.  This impacts their future learning and can even affect their prospects in life.

What do we do?

Number Sense provides one-to-one interventions in primary schools so that, through mathematical games and other fun activities with our trained in-school volunteers, children can build skills and confidence in maths.

What feedback have we received?

‘One of the best moments for me, as our school’s maths leader, was overhearing a child get called to his Number Sense intervention, and him cheering and saying that it was the best part of his day!’

Head of Maths at Number Sense partner school in London


‘We have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming Number Sense into our school this year. The volunteers have been very child-friendly – patient and understanding. The children have all really enjoyed it and have grown in confidence alongside the improvement in their skills. It has been a wonderful opportunity for some of our quieter children to have some really concentrated one-to-one adult attention.’

Catherine Gallimore, Head of School, Malorees Infants School

Which children do we support?

Teachers have told us that the most effective time to intervene is with children aged six to eight (school Year 2 and Year 3), so we are focusing on this age range. The teachers choose the children.

How long is each session?

A trained volunteer spends 20 to 30 minutes with each child once or twice a week during the school day for a full school year, usually seeing three children on each visit.

For further details, please visit our In-school volunteers page.

How much does it cost the school?

We have seed funding to run a pilot in twelve state primary schools from 2018-20.  For this initial period, Number Sense is free to participating schools. After that, as we expand across London and nationwide, the majority of funding will be provided by donors, with the balance coming from a minimal cost per child charged to each school.

For further details, please visit our Become a Number Sense school page.